Ultrasonic Facial

What is an ultrasonic/dermasound facial?

lrg02_958932174_280410Ultrasound facials and skin treatments are a new approach to skin rejuvenation and repair. This treatment is also known as sonophoresis, soundwave therapy or dermasound. It is versatile treatment that can be used for a variety of skin conditions offering a number of positive effects that facilitate rejuvenation and improve the appearance of the skin. Our technology and treatment protocol at Inaar provide more advanced use of ultrasound by utilising it to push highly active ingredients deep into the skin (sonophoresis) and by combining it with microdermabrasion (Microsound), skin peels and LED therapy.

Why would I have an ultrasonic facial?

img_sono-1Ultrasound (sound waves) can perform deep cleansing and peeling of the skin that is great for acne and problem skin. This means we can remove congestion and blackheads without the traditional squeezing methods. The sound waves literally vibrate the blackheads out from the pore. Sound waves are also helpful in pushing highly active ingredients deep into the skin by creating tiny passages between the cells. Ultrasound creates friction and increases local heat, which increases the activity of skin cells and increases collagen and elastin production.img_deep-cleanse

Inaar skin and Body have developed treatment protocols that utilise a variety of techniques and modalities for best results.

Standalone Ultrasound Facial   1hr    $99.00

This amazing treatment includes deep cleanse, deep exfoliation, ultrasonic massage, ultrasonic serum infusion, mask therapy and finishing product.

Microsound Facial    1.30hr  $120.00

Combine the amazing results of our ultrasound treatment with microdermabrasion or a peel for great results.

Omnilux Microsound Facial   1.45hr  $175.00

For results orientated treatment outcomes add the regenerating and rejuvenating Omnilux Led Red light to your treatment.