• 100% soap, SLES, SLS, Sulphate, pertrochemical & paraben FREEmedik8-group-shot-small
  • Chirally correct
  • 100% Professinal Only
  • Green chemistry technology
  • Environment Group FSC Approved packaging

Why Medik8?

Inaar skin and body treat a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Our paramedical expertise means it is important to work with a paramedical range that supports skin rejuvenation and wound healing. We have noticed that a growing number of clients experience allergies and reactions to strongly formulated skincare products. Medik8 is a company pioneering cosmeceutical technologies to make the most effective ingredients suitable for even the most sensitive skin, without compromising efficacy. Medik8 cosmeceuticals may be used by everyone. As well as being kinder to the skin, this new technology is kinder to the planet. That's why Medik8 is known as the 'Green Cosmeceutical' brand.

Want the results of botox but not ready to commit to injectables?

medik8_pretox_in_49a9593147320No longer are the most powerful and effective ingredients beyond the reach of people who want the gain without the pain! And who doesn't want that? Ask your skin care professional at Inaar about what Medik8 can do for you without the use of needles and injectables such as botox.

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