What is reflexology?

The ancient art of reflexology is a precise technique applied to specific points throughout the feet or hands. The reflexologist will use their thumbs and fingers to apply a firm pressure known as acupressure. This application stimulates the bodies own healing process as physiological changes are activated.The principle of this therapy is that the two feet represent the entire body incorporating each body system and including every gland and organ. The layout of the reflex points of the feet are similar in arrangement to the corresponding areas of the body.


Reflexology foot massage

Detox, unwind and enjoy the holistic therapy of refexology while we work through your body systems to balance and restore inner health.

1hr  $69.00                                        

Reflexology foot ritual

1.30hr $95.00 - The most luxurious of pedicare we utilise the benefits of chocolate and cafiene to awaken your tired feet and legs. Lactic acid provides extra strength exfoliation for even the most tired and dry feet.

Our Pedi ritual includes milk soak, foot buffing, nail grooming, exfoliation, lower leg massage, reflexology massage techniques, mask enrichment therapy and perfect paint finish. Add Shellac for long lasting wear. Everyone raves about our gorgeous chocolate pedi!

Make massage part of your 'Life cycle". We provide a variety of techniques to suit everyone. At Inaar skin & body, we believe that relaxation is the key to a happy and healthy life.

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