Aromatic Massage

What is aromatherapy massage?

8328223_origAromatherapy combines the use of essential oils and therapeutic massage. The essential oils, which come from plants, are highly concentrated and very powerful. Some liken essentil oils to plant hormones. Essential oils possess natural healing properties as they biologically interact with our cells. Many people mistakenly think of aromatherapy as a ‘fluffy beauty’ treatment, but nothing could be further from the truth. Aromatherapy is recognised by many health professionals and practiced in hospital maternity wards, GP’s surgeries and hospices all over the world.


1hr $75.00                                  

A moment of harmony in which effleurage strokes, acupressure points, kneading and gliding pressure follow each other in smooth succession, releasing the very essence of the essential oils into your skin and through your breathing. A selection of oils and blams are chosen to suit your mindly concerns and bodily requirements. Make massage part of your 'Life cycle". We provide a variety of techniques to suit everyone. At Inaar skin & body, we believe that relaxation is the key to a happy and healthy life.


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