What is IPL?

Intense Pulse Light treatments utilise waves of light to selectively target skin concerns such as wrinkles, sun damage, unwanted hair, rosacea, uneven pigmentation, open pores, acne, acne scarring and superficial vascular conditions.

Simply - a special hand piece delivers a flash of light energy that travels into the skin. The light energy will selectively seek out a chromophore (target) whether it is oxygenated blood, brown pigmentation, or pigmentation in the hair or even acne bacteria. Once the light energy is delivered to the chromophore it will quickly disable it by heating it. Your skin then works hard to mop up the cellular debris leaving it clear, rejuvenated, hair free or acne free.

IPL - what you should know

When you are considering having IPL treatments it is imperative that you ask plenty of questions, particularly those relating to the qualifications of the technician. The Inaar Skin & Body team is lead by industry expert Alison Smith. Alison is a qualified Laser and IPL technician. Alison has over ten years experience in the field of IPL, LED and Laser therapy and successfully completed a Bachelor of Health Science with a Major in Aesthetic Therapy. This study incorporated practical and research skills in the area of IPL and Laser therapy. A seasoned professional, Alison provides a thorough and educated treatment program for you and performs an inclusive consultation to get you on your way to beautiful and clear skin.

Are you currently being treated using IPL? It may be a good idea to ask your technician about thier qualifications and experience.

Why Choose Inaar Skin & Body for IPL?

Our IPL treatment profile includes a Degree Qualified technician, professional experience, TGA approved equipment with 7 wavelengths of light for absolute personalisation of treatments, 3 different sized treatment heads, cool tip, self calibrated technology for safety and the ability to treat acne! Why would you go anywhere else?

You will find our prices are highly competitive and affordable. Prices start from as little as $49. Book for a professional consultation now.

 At Inaar skin & body we provide an IPL profile that includes:

  • The latest IPL technology with TGA approval
  • Complete skin analysis and professional advice without the pushy sales approach
  • 10years laser /IPL/LED experience
  • A Degree qualified therapist with a Queensland Radiation Health licence
  • A holistic and results driven treatment plan
  • We guarantee unbeatable prices all year round


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