Visia Complexion Analysis

Skin Analysis

logo_visia_complexion_analysisWe refer to our skin complexion technology as our crystal ball! Our VISIA skin analysis system provides instant visual access into the skin’s future. Discover invisible spots, pores, wrinkles, unevenness and tone, porphyrins (bacteria waste) and UV spots. VISIA also searches for subsurface red/brown conditions providing detection of melanin and vascular conditions. This technology allows us to track any skin changes occurring on the facial area and provides a diagnostic tool for the treatment of skin conditions such as Acne and Rosacea.

0.5HR Session $50.00

No cost upon purchase of IPL, Peel or Microsound package.

Face Mapping

A traditional skin analysis tool used in chinese medicine to identify internal photoskinimbalances. Our Health Science specialist has been trained in the ancient art of face mapping. This allows our highly trained therapist to delve deep into your trouble areas and relate them to the health of other internal body systems.

The Inaar Consultation

visia21Sure, other salons use these techniques so how are we any different? Alison Smith our Health Science specialist takes the information gathered in the visia, face mapping and nutritional consultations and creates a holistic treatment plan for you.

As a degree qualified therapist Alison's scope of practice is far greater than that of the average beauty therapist and can provide nutritional and dietary recomendations to help get your skin back on track.


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