Healthy skin starts with a comprehensive skin consultation.

Why do you need a professional skin consultation?

For the same reason you need a regular check up by your doctor or dentist: for the most up to date knowledge about your skin and to prevent further damage. Afterall prevention is the best cure.

Skin is in fact the largest organ of your body. Your skin is the first line of defence and it protects you against environmental assaults such as pollution, chemicals and damaging UV. Simply put, skin is what separates and protects you from all the nasties out in the world, and keeps your body safe from external attacks.

A comprehensive consultation with a seasoned professional will give you guidance as to the best treatments and homecare you need to keep your skin healthy now and long into the future. Look at it like an investment.

Why should I have a consultation?

me-and-haydenEvery skin is different. Each consultation at Inaar Skin & Body is done to ensure you get the most benefit from your skin treatment. Your skin treatments are designed for you. We do not believe in providing stock standard treatments or compartmentalising your skin concerns. Every individual receives individual attention, individual treatment plans and individual homecare.

What happens in a skin consultation?

Your skin consultation begins with a review of your medical history to ensure we understand your past and current general health, your medications, and any potential contra-indications for your treatments.

Your skin is then assessed using a variety of techniques including Visia complexion analysis, nutritional evaluation relating to the skin, facial-zone mapping, and visual and tactile assessment. From here a discussion takes place to help our paramedical consultant put all the pieces of information together so that we design a personal skin treatment protocol for you. No two treatment protocols are ever the same, because no two skins are the same.

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