Body Rituals

Body Wraps

Aromasauna 1.30hrs of massage to work out tension...

Enjoy a moment of harmony in which effleurage strokes, acupressure points, kneading and gliding pressure follow each other in smooth succession, releasing the very essence of the essential oils .A comforting “sauna” body mask is massaged into your body. A treatment of pleasure combining aromatic balms with Papaya and active essential oils.hotstone-cropped


Aroma Wrap Rituals 1.30hr of total bliss and restoration...

These treatments all feature an exfoliation with a dry body brush, exfoliating spices, followed by a mask rich in plant extracts applied to the entire body. Lay delightfully wrapped in a cocoon of pleasure while you revel in comfort thanks to a relaxing scalp massage.


Add the following relaxation rituals for extreme comfort and calm. Add 30mins to treatment time.5507606_orig

Reflexology foot technique  $20.00

Neck and shoulder tension reduction $20.00

Body Exfoliation

Aromatic Exfoliation Ritual  1hr to soften and invigorate...

on its own or 30 min when included in another treatment.

Recover radiance, vitality and soft, silky and revitalised skin. A wonderfully sensory-stimulating ritual that chases away all signs of fatigue: enveloping and exfoliating techniques, followed by a back massage and gentle effleurage



Self- Tan Ritual 45mins of heavenly bliss...body-exfoliation

A tan for those who want to enjoy the experience of a salon without the “in & out” scenario of spray tanning. Applied to your skin after a gentle body exfoliation and moisturisation self-tan is applied using effleurage strokes to create a perfect tan that looks totally natural.


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